vac2Hydro vacuum excavation was pioneered as a service to assist electronic detection, to pothole and identify services and to eliminate any costly damage, breakages and accidents involved in any type of mechanical excavation.

 Since its introduction, hydro excavation has become the fastest growing excavation services industry in Australia.  Cavan Constructions hydro excavation equipment and machines allow us to safely dig in sensitive areas where traditional excavation machinery could cause major damage.

 Cavan Constructions equipment will not damage services.

All assets are safely protected when you dig with hydro excavation equipment.  Our machines are engineered to excavate at the ideal pressure to allow the fastest hydro excavations possible with the assurance that it will not damage even the thinnest of irrigation or phone lines.

 Whether you are trenching across optic fibre or digging a pole hole near poly pipelines, hydro excavation is the safe and obvious choice.

 Cavan Constructions works in accordance with OHS guidelines to make sure you are doing everything legally required to protect underground assets.

 We have implemented an ISO 9001-2008 integrated management system which ensures the highest standards in safety and quality.

For your next excavation job, contact Cavan Constructions, the specialists in hydro vacuum excavations, for those tricky and sensitive excavation jobs.

 Non-destructive excavation techniques for:

  • Signs & Power polesvac_5
  • Safety Rail Installation
  • Piles
  • Repairs to Utilities
  • Cathodic protection works
  • Underpinning operations
  • Basement excavations
  • Catch-pit cleaning
  • Precise location of all  underground services